Word on the street…

Is that the emerging church is dead.

I have spent a significant amount of time in the last few years reading about the emerging church, talking with people…and I must say that a lot of it has resonated with me.  What has bothered me is that many of the emerging churches aren’t growing, and aren’t seeing conversions.

And so I have great hope about this new network, because I really like Kimball and MacManus and McKnight, and I love the idea of re-emphasizing evangelism.

Of course, if we are referring to the way Scott McKnight defines emerging, I think I am very much a fan:

“Emerging is bigger than “emergent,” the latter referring in the USA almost exclusively to Emergent Village. The word “emerging” refers to the worldwide, grass-roots level yearning for deeper connections to the church, to expansive ways of becoming missional and evangelistic, and to broader embracings of those in the universal Church. The emerging movement is alive and well, whether you want to call it “emerging” or not.”

I hope this movement, which some call missional (which also means all kinds of things to different people) is alive and kicking, because it is a call that I find very compelling–a call to live missionally, to figure out new ways to evangelize, and to a broader ecumenism.

Great article on it all at Jesus Creed.  Check it here.


~ by Mike Seawright on September 30, 2008.

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