The Election is Driving Me Crazy

Yup, I’m going there.

The election (all of it–the candidates, the coverage, the constant talk) is driving me crazy.  I think I have managed to figure out 3 main reasons why the political season drives me insane.

1) I am totally all over the board when it comes to politics.

2) I HATE being stereotypical in this kind of thing.

3) My extreme cynicism.


First, I am so all over the board that I fit into no categories, and I certainly don’t fit into any political party.  I am pro-life but against the death penalty.  I think the government should help out those in need, but I think it should happen at the local level.  I think all war is bad and should be avoided, but I am not opposed to intervention in certain situations.  Agh, I dunno.

Second: I refuse to be just another evangelical voting for the Republican ticket.  I also refuse to drink the kool-aid it seems like everyone under the age of 30 is drinking in regards to Obama.  AND, I hate the idea of being a single-issue voter.

Thirdly, I hate politics.  4 years ago actually wrote in myself, because Kerry struck me as a skeezy politician and Bush struck me as an idiot.  Not that I am in any way qualified (I am not even old enough, according to the Constitution), but I don’t fell any better about the candidates this time around.

Agh, who am I kidding.  I just don’t like politics.  Well, that ad the fact that I flip-flop worse than Kerry and Romney put together.  Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if only I could make up my mind…


~ by Mike Seawright on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “The Election is Driving Me Crazy”

  1. Hahaha…I think you are feeling the pain of most thinking people this fall. We refuse to be hypnotized by those railing on hot-button issues or mesmerized by pretty people or media spin. And -shocker- most of us realize that there really is a gray area on most issues!

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